Nintendo Power-ful tribute to Super NES Classic games

Getting your hands on a Super NES Classic Edition may be next to impossible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the return of so many retro games in one convenient package.

Anyone attending PAX West this weekend in Seattle will be right on Nintendo’s American doorstep, and perhaps for that reason they may be able to score one of three special posters in the style of old Nintendo Power magazine covers celebrating the Sept. 29 launch of the much-hyped retro all-in-one system.

it’s a shame the Super NES Classic will be in such short supply and in such high demand, because it will be the only way to play the never-before-released Star Fox 2 — which is one of the games paid tribute to in the PAX posters.

OK, so the Star Fox 2 art isn’t much to look at by today’s standards, but it’s totally appropriate for the SNES era — and you can get more where that came from at the game’s electronic manual here, as well as the game’s original design documents here and here (hat tip to Nintendo Everything for the find).

Other NP cover-style posters pay homage to Super Mario World, the SNES’ launch title, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past — although the cartoony version of hero Link on the faux cover actually is more in line with the promo art for the later Game Boy title Link’s Awakening, if you ask me …

… But the gradient headlines and Official Nintendo Seal of Quality? Classic Nintendo Power! If only they’d resurrect the magazine. (Although Nintendo Force has proved a worthy successor.)